Parks and Recreation Departments throughout Wisconsin strive to provide facilities and programs that have a significant impact on the quality of life in every community. The benefits realized from the efforts of these departments go far beyond the visible parks that many people take for granted. Parks along with the programming provided by Parks and Recreation Departments are a part of the underlying fabric of a community. They give groups, families, and individuals the wholesome places and activities that are key to a true sense of community.

The affect that parks and their related services have on families and communities cannot be overstated. For families, parks provide a space and reasons for quality time for relaxation or fun. The time that a family spends together in a park strengthens the family bond between parents and children.

For communities, parks and related programming offer a wholesome atmosphere for healthy activities for all ages. Children are the most apparent beneficiaries of this programming, particularly when the less positive alternatives to sports and recreation time with friends and family are considered.

From an economic standpoint, the quality of a community’s park system is often a key consideration when a business is choosing a town for expansion or relocation. Parks are almost always a key element for community festivals, which pull significant tourism dollars into a community.

Ultimately it is the Parks and Recreation Departments that provide the parks and related programming. Many of the efforts of these departments may be behind the scenes and not apparent, but everyone in these departments play a key role in the quality of life within a community.

The Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association represents The Community Fabric that shows the interwoven role that its membership Park and Recreation Departments play in the family, social, and economic landscape of each community.

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All active military members and families will receive "RESIDENT" rates for all Parks and Recreation Programs with the exception of special events.


In order to receive this discounts, the family must show proof of "Active Status" at the Parks and Recreation Department office. The department will then change residency status for program registration.

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